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Sunday, February 27, 2011

UK TRip with sista audrey :))

 I should hv written down the whole journal for the whole journey.  But i chose to write down my billion million thanks,my appreciation to my Eldest sister: Audrey Lai!!!!
If not because of her, I WON'T hv the chance to fly to London,& experience all these incredible, unforgettable moments. She is the one who invited me to come along with her to this UK trip & sponsoring me for the whole trip! WAAAaHHHHH, ABBA FATHER, YOU really love me VRY VRY MUCH, you hv blessed me with such a great sista who loves me so much! I really thank you Abba father, for giving me such a sister!

(photo taken outside Hollyrood Palace,Edinburgh)

We hd great experience at edinburgh, travelling all the way from London to edinburgh by east coast train which took us 4 hours to reach there. Then we traveled from edinburgh to Loch Ness! I LOVE ALL THESE PLACESSsss!!!!!!!

                                          Audrey & Me ~we just reached London Train Station~

Edinburgh Monument

We took this photo at the OPEN ROOF HOP On-off Bus tour!
both of us had been Called "SMALL KIDS" as we kept moving around by the Harry Potter look Scottish Bus driver... SO EMBARASSING LOL


We're inside the EAST COAST TRAIN travelling whole way from London to Edinburgh:))
4 hours journey!!!!!

Audrey & Me enjoy sitting up on the air~ without realizing how dangerous it was~
but yeah, the air up there is so refreshing & cold!!!! WE LIKE IT 

  We're at SCOTLAND GLENCOE HIGHLAND , can you see the snow mountain behind us??~?~ OMGoshh, i couldn't remb how cold it was ady ~~~~

YEAHHHHhhhhhh I m on the BIG BUS, departing soon!!!!

                                          Here u are~ LOCH NESS ~ i am waiting for NESSIE to come out~~

Audrey ~~~the Prettiesss~~~~~ Wheee

PHoto taken tgthr with our Scottish TOUR GUIDE~Ricky~~ if i m not mistaken~LOL
he is a very funny scottish man, he likes to sing "du du du du du......du....." its actually a common scottish band music.....LOL

                                                               Glencoe Highland WaterFall,                                         According to Ricky, Scotland highland water is drinkable & all of us drank  it,& it's really FRESH & CLEAN!!!!!!!!! 

This trip is the most memorable & FANTASTIC TRIP i ever had for my 22++ years!!!!!!
Once again I wanna thank Abba Father for giving such a GREAT SISTA, who loves me so dearly & sayang me kao kao. 

I WANT to pray for my sister Audrey here, May Jesus you continue to bless every area of her life:
Spiritually~continue to seek ur words, ur ways & grow in you!
PHysically~ a healthy body, take care of her health! bless her a good health. continue to stay slim &pretty like owes!!!!!!! heeee
Financially~ Able to achieve her dreams, Bless her works!
Relationship~ Pray that God you show her the one the you hd prepared for her all these while:) A man who fear God & love God:)) 

I love Audrey! :))



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