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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Test of Faith

I like to PLAN, and i am a very typically planner, & I hope things to flow into place as I planned to be.
But sometimes life won't go as smooth as you thought, as you wish & plan to. Things gonna changed in sudden unexpectedly like how I just experienced yesterday.
Before my OSCE result is out, I was as happy as a bird who was flying up on the cloud 9. But when I got back from my final placement in S5, everything changed. 
I was so shocked & depressed by my OSCE result, as I failed :( which I totally didn't expected it to happen on me. I always have the confident that I did pretty well in this exam but obviously I am not doing well!
I started to question God and blaming him, how could he make this happen to me since it would be only 2 more weeks left from my graduation on Dec. A lot of concerns, worries started to pop into my mind , flooded my mind which made my mind couldn't function!!!!!!! How am I going to face my parents, friends and relatives backhome? hmmmm...

Thanks God for blessing and giving me with such a bunch of supportive family: MOM, Sis, Bro.....they are the angels who God sent to me to speak his words to me. I started to Fast & Pray, I believe God has his plan and purpose on me, for everything happen with a purpose:)
What we want, wish , plan might not God's will to us. All I have to learn from this case is be submittive, trust in HIM, for he is in control of my life. He knows my everything, every single things in my life:)

Prov 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. 

I pray God accomplished the thing according to his will and not my will. I submitted my worries, anxieties, and heart desires onto his almighty hands. You know what is my wish, desires. Thank you Jesus, Amen!