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Monday, August 13, 2012

Renew our mind

It's seems to be long while since I stopped blogging and perhaps it's time to pick up this hobby again. Right???

HmMMMm... bU Women Conference last weekends were really AWESOME, thank God for blessing me a great housemate to sponsor me, which was really LAST MINs when I decided to go!!! REally no regret of going I would say.

 I declare, I am such a blessed woman in God's eyes and I am created in HIS IMAGE! As the bible stated, we are all
Wonderfully & Fearfully made!!!!
Dr. Caroline Leaf's messages which link science to biblical are inspiring & she is a wonderful tools & weapons of God who gonna glorify the name of JESUS in her career field! 

I was amazed at how science lines up with scriptures which proof that we really can renew our mind & break toxic habits and patterns in our lives. 

As human being created by God, we are all actually created in the way like how God look like & are able to think, make decision. We have the cognitive thinking ability within us:)
We are made in His Image & God is love- we are wired to make correct choices, but we still have to choose!!! IT IS ALL BECAUSE HE LOVES US, he lets us do the decision. 

In Deut 30:19 "This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings, and curses. NOW CHOOSE LIFE, so that you and your children may live".

~From this scripture, we could see God doesn't force his will on anyone, he lets us decide whether to follow him or reject him. HOWEVER, this is a life or death matter. God wants us to realize this, for he would like us to choose life. 
So, we have to always ask God to give us the wisdom in making the right decision. CHOOSE THE RIGHT THING. As the result, we shouldn't blame anyone of the wrong decision as everyone of us have the ability to  process decision making. 

Making wrong decision is NOT FUN AT ALL! WHY???? Bad choices create protein structures that oppose the natural laws of the brain, creating a vulnerability in your body for disease.
If we choose wrong it becomes a physical reality in our brain & if we don't get rid of this reality, we will live into it. An undisciplined mind is one filled with a continuous chaotic stream of thoughts and worries, fear and distorted perceptions, all of which create degenerative processes in the mind and body. 
We are not designed to be in this way, but somehow we ended up this way which made mental illness, depression, anxiety become part of us. These all happens because we let the enemy to tell lie into the substances that we are hoping for, we lose the faith in God. Remember, Faith is the substances of we are hoping for. When lies become our substances, we are wired up with all the toxic stuffs.  

Bad habits,” which we think of as being part of who we are at times, are the toxically wired in part, not the “true you”! 
In the book of Ecclesiastes, 7:29, it says "This only have I found: God created mankind upright, but they have gone in search of many schemes", it shows God created men & women to live uprightly and do what is right, but 
 we're the ones who've made a mess of things as we have left God's path to follow our own downward road. 

Let's look at the scripture 2 Cor 10:5 " We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ", 
In this scripture, Paul uses military terminology to describe this warfare against sin and Satan. He is trying to bring out the important point of God must be the commander in chief-even our THOUGHTS must be submitted to his control as we live for him. 

Holy Spirit empowered us must capture every thought and yield it to Christ. When we exposed to ideas or opportunities that might lead to wrong desires, we have a choice. We can recognize the danger and turn away, or we can allow unhealthy thoughts to take you captive. 
We capture our fantasies and desires when we honestly admit them to the Lord and ask him to redirect our thinking! We have to ask God to give us the spirit of discernment to keep our thoughts focused on his truth:) 

Sometimes we go through the desert period of our lives when we feel so hot & dry, but when we understand and know how to go back to the words of God, continue to shout onto HIS NAME, CaLL HIS NAME, Worship HIM & be fully submissive to Him, We GONNA Find our way in HIM, we gonna receive the living water from God which overflow into our lives!!!! 
In Prov 22:4 says humility is the fear of the Lord, its wages are riches and honor and life. WE should worship and be submissive to HIM
Learn to trust God when things go wrong. Disruptions in our routine highlight our dependence on God.
Our God is always there and he is fully aware of our situation and He gonna walk with us IF WE TURN To HIM! 

We are able to stand up boldly and do all God has called us to do because of the brain He has given us!
I think it's time for me to stop here which is 10 to 12am now....

Let us face our life with boldness, courage, and confidence.  

You are not a victim of your can change your brain with your thoughts!

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Test of Faith

I like to PLAN, and i am a very typically planner, & I hope things to flow into place as I planned to be.
But sometimes life won't go as smooth as you thought, as you wish & plan to. Things gonna changed in sudden unexpectedly like how I just experienced yesterday.
Before my OSCE result is out, I was as happy as a bird who was flying up on the cloud 9. But when I got back from my final placement in S5, everything changed. 
I was so shocked & depressed by my OSCE result, as I failed :( which I totally didn't expected it to happen on me. I always have the confident that I did pretty well in this exam but obviously I am not doing well!
I started to question God and blaming him, how could he make this happen to me since it would be only 2 more weeks left from my graduation on Dec. A lot of concerns, worries started to pop into my mind , flooded my mind which made my mind couldn't function!!!!!!! How am I going to face my parents, friends and relatives backhome? hmmmm...

Thanks God for blessing and giving me with such a bunch of supportive family: MOM, Sis, Bro.....they are the angels who God sent to me to speak his words to me. I started to Fast & Pray, I believe God has his plan and purpose on me, for everything happen with a purpose:)
What we want, wish , plan might not God's will to us. All I have to learn from this case is be submittive, trust in HIM, for he is in control of my life. He knows my everything, every single things in my life:)

Prov 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. 

I pray God accomplished the thing according to his will and not my will. I submitted my worries, anxieties, and heart desires onto his almighty hands. You know what is my wish, desires. Thank you Jesus, Amen!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

It is a very meaningful song...............the song of the night! 

True friend gives great encouragements & advices

I am writing this blog specially dedicating to you, my friend for ur encouragements & words for all these while....AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! hehe

There was one night we had our chatting session & your words, encouragements had inspired me lots. Thank you friend!!!!!!!  
you told me I was gifted with cheerfulness, joyfulness in Christ. and it's my natural gifted by being so friendly, loving & bubbly person. ANd I had brought Joys to ppls ard me.......
You told me:
I have to learn to 'SAY NO" and put A STOP to a point in stopping certain things that had been happening continually onto me.......... 

 especially towards  certain friends or people who had been saying  words or comments that had been  quite over-cross the boundaries, by letting them know, I am not happy with it, to be able to express my thoughts!!!!!
You told me I had to set a LIMIT in this, don't let others take advantages on my personalities for being friendly and bubbliness.
Thank you my friend for everything.
You are a great family in Christ to me!  & I treasure our friendship:))

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce


It's Friday!!! WOOHOOO i bet most of the ppls are happy with the coming of Friday & SO DO I!!!
finally it hd passed one week, which meant I still hv 4 more weeks to go my clinical!!!!!!
Gambateh kudasai JOYCE!!!!!! just hang on there & u will reach the finishing line!!!!
For this sem clinical, I was assigned to HDU which was a challenging workplace for me, it made me to be more depending & submitting to God! 
I believe God has his own purpose for placing me in this unit this sem! & i believe I am not only performed well & learnt lots, gained good clinical experience this time, I will also have a closer relationship with Jesus!

I don't hv to be fear or afraid of anything FOR as a Christian, as the princess of God, I have my heavenly Father who will take care of me! loving me...he ll never leave me nor forsaken me!!!!!!!
it reminds me of the LOVE OF GOD in me! 
Thank you Lord!!!! for being my closest friend, my refuge, my rock, the boss of my life!!!!!! 
Because of you , I have nothing to worry about!

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

Thank YOU for taking my burdens & worries.......:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joyce misses you all tonitez :(

HMmmm... it hd been a while i didn't contact my besties back in M'sia..... the besties that we hd been knowing each other for 10 years..
& i think we should hv our 10th anniversary SOON..kekekeke
i just don't know WHY, I MISS ALL OF U VRY MUCH tonight! 
I miss the time we'r at Kch High, the time we shared our joy, upside down of our life tgthr.

tonite this blog & song are dedicated to:
Phiong, susu, jordan, h.lian, michael,, PCK.... 
7 of you are my soulmates forever & I treasured our FRIENDSHIP!!!!!! 
Our friendship is the wine of life to me! 



I will never forget the time, moment & memories we shared...& i gonna keep these deep inside my heart, they are the PRINCESS HEART to me!!!!! 

Although now 8 of us were set apart at different part of the world right now, but our hearts are owes join tgthr. 
i keep all of u in my prayers, i pray for Jesus's blessing, love & favour continue to shower upon the life of all of u!
& i pray for our friendship to grow sweeter, & sweeter like honey! 

                                                                 OUR LUCKY STAR

                                                        DEARIE HUI LIAN

                                                             DEARIE JORDAN

                                                                       DEARIE PHIONG

                                                          DEARIE SUSU

Phiong: thanks for being my listener, be my supporter. you're owes there for me when i need someone to share my prob with. THANK YOu!
thanks for offering ur place when i m homeless kekekkeke;P i wanna laugh when i think abt this.... yay, our KL trip is the BEST TRIP ever to me!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy every moment i share with u!

Susu: you're the most amusing one in this group for ur craziness which just turned me speechless sometimes..... i can owes so transparent in front of you!!!!!!!!! 
hahaha, i really treasure u tiz sister lahhh, FATE brought us tgthr, to be able to continue our friendship where i left sarikei when i was 9 yrs old.... & we'r able to meet each other during our secondary school when we was 16 yrs old........... 

w.Pin: your words are always so inspiring & encouraging. I remb we used to share abt the greatness of God tghr during our form4&5 time.... & i enjoyed talking & sharing with you abt Jesus!!!!!!!!! 

H.LIan: haha, you arrrr..... you're an awesome doc friend to me!!!!!! i just like to be with you for i jsut felt so comfortable to sit bside u & we juz chit chat from England to China.... we can talk abt any topic... & u're my hhl whom i trust !!!!

PCK: When i see u, i see the love of Jesus in you. Your love, kindness towards ppls ard u reflected how our wonderful God loves us!!!!!! I remb ur helpfulness for coming to my house to teach me physics...i noe i was so stupid tat time.. LOL 
kekekeke, yay, u'r such a nice guy friend tat i can share my prob to as well, & u are a great advicer!!!!!! keep it up bro.... 

Jordan: Haha, do u stil remb how we act bcum such a CLOSE FRIEND!!!!!???? 
ahaha, act the first time i met u, i didn't really like u for ur KIaM PAK LOOK!!!! LOL
thanks for approaching me first Jordan, otherwise, i won't be able to develop , hvg such a nice friend like you!!!!!! 

sometimes i end up giggling laughing by myself when i thought of how we actually start our friendship, which started with a sanitary pad...LOL... it's special & i bet nobody hd tiz kind of experience & u are the only one .......thanks for being my bubbly friend & yay, i noe, both of us like to fight , sorry for being so rude towards u last time & demanding u to tolerate me :((

michael: erm...... u're the most mature among the all in this group i guess..... You'r a nice frend to bully...LOL sorry i hv to say that, for u owes so blurrr and slowww to get the hint sometimess..when others are laughing, u r still in the midst of figuring what's going on..
& yay, thanks being a true friend to me, so helpful so kind to me..... I thank Jesus to hv a GREAT FRIEND like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Time really fliesss, now 8 of us were turning 23 this year...
Do you all remb? we were just 17 when we left our secondary school????? 
we were so excited with our future..........we fantasizes, dreams tgthr!!!!! 
I stored u all in one of the compartment of my heart....... 
I pray to Jesus to continue to bless u all abundantly in every areas of the life & bless our friendship as well.
jsut wanna tell u all that I LOVE YOU as mY BEST friends + bros+ sis in Christ. 

I. M. U all ToO!!!!!!

i better stop here if not i think tears gonna started to roll dwn frm my eyes
:( haihhhh, kinda emotional tonite:((, 
yay, mb it's true for the saying goes : weather will affect someone's feeling.........haihhh

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

Finding God's purpose in my LIFE

We are made in the image of God...
 God is our
FOUNDER who is the manufacturer&decides our Function on Earth. 

Last Sun service Ps. Brad preached abt. "DISCOVERING THE PURPOSE OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE". We had been thought on the importance of knowing our FOUNDER who is our Heavenly Father in order to know OUR FUNCTION & the FAVOR & BLESSING will come hand to hand!!!!! 

It reminds me of the connection btw. FOUNDER&FUNCTION&FAVOUR. 
 Do not build our life on our Function BUT

Our God always has the FINAL SAY!!!!! ONLY The Founder's says that's MATTER!!!!!
Trust in God's promise & words in our life, for the Bible says:
Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away~Matt 24:35~ 
Our God is a True & living God who won't fail us! TRUST in HIM that he gonna Use you as his HOLY INSTRUMENT to glorify his Name!!!!!!!

Be blessed & Highly favoured in HIM!!!!!

-to be continued-


Princess Joyce