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Monday, May 30, 2011


So do not FEAR, for I am with you; 
Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will UPHOLD U with my Righteous Right Hand .
~ Isaiah 41:10~

I just felt wanting to share this bible verse to all my blogging followers, bros, sis, & friends tonight. Let's us be inspired and found our strength back from the words of God for his words are our daily bread.
the reason I wanna share with you all this verse as it had brought back my confident, strength and faith in relying on Jesus!!!!! 

I was quite disappointed with certain case that happened in my life recently.... and it had made me  fear, afraid of continuing my journey on doing it which I have no confident in doing it..........  
My heart was troubled and worried on how to overcome this fear, and I had the very negative thinking and assumption like: IF I can't get there in the end, IF I can't fulfill it...., IF ....... , then What should I do????
My thinking was filled with lots of "IF" ..........& I never let Jesus to take away those "IF" in me....

for the origin of my "IF" was came from my doubt, not trusting attitude towards Jesus...
Actually I just need to switch my attention from my problems to Bible verses(his words) and let his words renew my mind, meditate on it, and worry less.

Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding my attention & bring my mind back for turning my problems to Jesus. And guide me to read this words which straight appliable to my situation right now. 
Thank you Lord for speaking to me through his words. 
I felt so much stress free, and found bck my strength, confident in YOU. 

I wont' let the fear to control me, but I gonna let the fear of God to control me.
I feel no more fear for I know you're with me, I wont feel dismay for I know you are my God,
I know, believe, and trust in you that you will strengthen me, uphold me like always !!!!!!!! 
you won't abandoned nor forsaken me!!!!! 
NOW, i believe I WiLL DO WELL because of YOU, it's a new lesson for me to learn on trusting & relying on you through eating , meditate ur words as my DAILY BREAD! 

Praise the LOrd!

-to be continued-

Princess JOYCE

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today is the DAY!

RAWWRRrrRR finally i submitted the superb stress Rationale assignment!!!! & tonight seems to be a long wind, most relaxing night for me since week 7 after the break!!!!!!!
Today is the day!!!!!!! I feel so happy today like i am up on the Cloud 9 !!!!! hehe
i feel so stressfree like never before, ErrRMMM..maybe bcox just released the burden rationale hectic assingment from my shoulders!!!! haha

yaya, I called Dad, Mom, Audrey, David, Jenny, STephen!!!! & spent like more than 2 hours talking with them!!!
Usually I will just call Mom& my 4 lovely siblings......... Didn't really consistently call Dad......&
Dad actually counted the duration of period I didn't call him this time which is quite a long while...UrgghHHHhHhhhh it made me feel so BAD     :((

  here is our conversation:
Me>Dad: Hello Pa....
Dad>Me: Eyyyyy u still remb ur Pa?? U didn't call ur dad for a month dy!!!!! only remb to call your mom not me!

Hmmmm......... My heart is actually stunned for a while, and then aching......
From his voice tone, i could sense Dad actually wishes to receive my call frequently, although just a simple hello, how are you, bye, take care...These words seems to be very simple, but actually it means a lot to him!!!!! Maybe since young, i was closer, sticky to mom, that's why.....I always feel to have endless conversations with mom & she always know my feelings & thought....
Actually Dad, he wishes to be the One, who I can stick to as well just i didn't realise:((
Tonight both of us had the longest chat ever, our topic start from my study, his works, his company, to China,, to England (royal wedding), to Osama death, then back to ME again!!!!!!!!
In the end, he still more concern about my well being, how i do, cope with everything here.....

for this all while, yah, I always think my dad is a person who is always very serious, FIRM, TENSE With everything, VRY Powerful & ManlY man, STrong person who is not emotional, or need any emotion support.....
But, after tonight, i changed my view of him!!!
He is actually someone who is quite gentle, seek for pampered & love person!!!!
He also wants to receive love from his children for pampering him, care about him, sweet talk with him..........
I just realised actually FAther wishes to have Sweet talk with his children LOL..............

lovely photos taken 2 years ago...

I have to make an effort to strenghthen our relationship!!!!! for I had neglected for quite a while already,
I am a person who won't bother about missing, calling ppls once i get busy For I always have the thinking of I don't have time for all these, WAit till i got time, I will do it.....& that person will understand!!!
it is really not Good!!!!
One of my close friend here, kiing always remind me of "Jo arrr, you shouldn't do that, you still have to call ur family u noe, eventhou u're busy yah, as they are ur family""""
I thank God for a great sister like her!!!!! I am awake from my MISTAKE now!!!!
and I am willing to change!!!!!!!! by God's strength!!!!

Last Sunday Ps Ashley just shared about "FAMILY"
he shared about "GREAT FAMILY IS MADE NOT BORN"!!!!!
It is actually VERY VERY VERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

During Sunday School, the sunday school teacher taught us about the basic meaning of FAMily which is
F+A+M+I+L+Y= Father and Mother, I Love You!!!!!!

Since young, I had been nurtured with all these teaching and it's the time to Practice it!!!!!!
What's the meaning of Love??? In 1Cor13:4, it says" Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy,it does not boost, it does not proud". it is so True!!!!!!

When we Love someone, We should not just sit there and wait for someone to love us!!!!
We should first love ourselves before we love others. We should put effort, give and share our loves to ppls, and not aspecting of any returns from them.
It is very easy to say "I LovE YOU" to someone, BUT, How to Practice it out is the difficult part!!!!
We always say I love my FAmily, but do we really meant it???

After tonight conversations with my family, I ask me this question " I always say I love my family, dO i really meant it?"
My answer is "YESH!!!! I love them, But, did i put any effort to love them?"

For GREAT FAMILY is MADE NOT BORN, to make a great family,
we have to
1. make commitment
2. make an effort
3. make a plan
4. make suggestion

i got the WAY !!!!!!!!!
Thanks God for the awesome message you sent to me through Ps. Ashley preaching & it applied onto my situation right now!!!!!!!!

-to be continued-


Princess Joyce