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Friday, March 25, 2011

Just BEing RANDOM Today

Heyay having Whole day class on Thursday isn't a VRY FUN DAY :(
Totally exhausted today......
the story of my Thursday started with late tutorial...I was late for my 3101 tute class as i overslept!!!!!
tsk tsk tsk, God, pls give me a pinch to REMIND ME 4ever, NEVER EVER LATE FOR TUTE anymore!!!!!! i felt bad for not doing my job as a student well enuf.......

WEll, Practical today wasn't go as smooth as i wish......Full with obstaclessss but thanks God, at least now i know, I still hv a BIG BIG BIG room to GROW, to IMPROVE!!!!!!!!!!!
After this long tute&workshop, i hd 2 hrs break before i start another tute.......
quickly ran into library to grab a sit in comp lab, i just sat in front of the comp, reading emails frm FRIENDSss to clear my mind which is TOO OVERLOADED, saturated!!!!!!!!!!! just couldn't bother to do any reading prepared for the next tute.....
So, I checked my inbox and one of the email that I received from Vinegar today is "Cast your burden on the LORD, and he shall sustain you" ~Psalms 55:22
Woww, Jesus loves me so much, he sent angel spoke to me of his words to cheer me up, encourage me, give me the hope & energy to continue today journey:))
Thanks Jesus!!!!!! :))

Then, i went for my patho class. After 2 hrs of tute class, I quickly hopped onto bus to get bck home to finish up my journal entry which due on TMR & i hvn started at all!!!!!!
once i gt bck home, i cooked myself a light dinner. hvg my dinner while finishing up my journal!!!!!!!!!
after 2 hrs of racing with time, I managed to finish it by God's grace:)) hehe
WELL, 1 down, 2 more to go.........I need more motivation to keep moving on...................
then, hv a short skype chat with the VINEGAR, YY, they reminded me of the needs of prayer & always remb the fact of The God is our STRENGtH!!!!
P.U.S.H. ~ pray until something happen! yay :))

I am sort of taking break tonitezzz......Just wanna to energize & spend private time with God, meditate on his words, listening to gospel songs. I need the SUSTAGEN from Jesus, I need him to sustain me to continue my journey!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I believe tomorrow will be a good day, a fruitful day which I really make full use of it!!!!!

REFLECTION of today is:
1. Don't OVERSLEEP, I have to wake up once My alarm is ringing!!!! LOL
2. Always ask for Jesus to guide my day, heart,soul, mind no matter how good/bad my day is :))
3. Think positively "IN CHRIST, I CAN"

~to be continued~


Princess JOYCE

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oNE day Trip to Mclaren & Victor harbour

It was PUBlic holiday~adelaide cup day~, so we as uni student, WE HAVE a long weekend!!!!!!!!!
So, Kiing & Me planned our trip to Mclaren Vale, after asking Renn & Jul to join us, 4 of us rented a car & drove to the beautiful place.....
hehe it's my second time to drive long journey at adelaide, and thanks God for giving me such a bunch of great acccompany, kiing, renn & juliana, 3 of them are really a blessing to my life!!!!!
their accompanies had made this trip meaningful & exciting!!!!!!
& thnaks kiing for reading the maps, GPS for me!!!!!!!!

The first winery we visited was Coriole Vineyards, IT is a rEALLY BEAUTIFUL place!!!!!!!!!
i strongly recommended u guys to visit this winery if u guys wish to experience the life staying at wineries, vineyards, picking the grapes, tasting the wines!!!!!!!!
the staffs here are really friendly & helpful!!!! they let us try their grapes where usually the visitors are nt allowed to go dwn to the vineyards to pluck the grapes...BUT, it's God's blessing that we gt the chance to have all these experiences.....heee
We're at the top of the mountain!
                                              The VINEYARD with LOTS for GRapes for harvest!

Since young, I am always attracted to places like vineyards, these places give me a picture of God's annointing on it, a place where Jesus used it in a parable, or teaching....
farms remind me of Sheeps!!!! For the LoRD is our Shepherd, WE are his Sheeps:))

In John 15:5, Jesus says" I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing."
From this verse, we see that we are branches like the branches in a grape vine, and the vine is Jesus. It is not possible for a branch to grow by itself, a branch must be connected to the vine to bear fruit and grow.
So, We MUST have JESUS in our life, connected to him  to bear more fruit for Jesus, BE A FRUITFUL person!!!!!!!!!!

After visited Corioles vineyard & Rose Estate, We had a light meal at market 190 for fish & chips, rump steak.
WE love the place so much, they served nice food & the staffs are all vry friendly!!!!!
Then, We travelled to Victor Harbour!!!!
yea yeah, finally we made to there. It had beeen quite a few times I heard my friends around me telling me they went there for holiday, but I havent been there yet:((
Rallly thanks God for giving me this chance to travel there with such a lovely bunch of ppls!!!!!!!!!!! ++++ the BEAUTIFUl sunny weather is a plus point!
i m sure the weather aDDED on our fun!!!!
Sunny day + Breezzing wind, Splashing Waves onto the Rock+ Cheerful ppls~~~~~~
the BEST ENJOYMENT on the earth,
it's not place which make the trip wonderful but THE CHEERFUL hEART of the pPLs who share the same jOys!!!!
Victor harbour is really a beautiful coastal, Our God is a wonderful God,
he is a great creator thanks for creating such a exotic place for me to enjoy!!!!!!!!!
For the words go by, "where is ur heart is, then where is ur treasure is" :))

WE have to treasure the time we spend with friends, family, AS the MOment that we own, experience together is priceless, and couldn't buy with a penny!!!!
This trip reminded me of the importance of bonding~with friends, FAMily, housemates, church mates.......
and we have a great bonding this time!!!!!!!!!!!

~to be continued~


Princess JOYce 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It had been nearly one week coming back from M'sia to Adelaide. HMmmm..
Peoples use to say "weather will affect someone's mood". Tonight is a very windy night , i can hear the smooth wind breezing throughout my balcony from my room........ it reminded me of my time at Kuching & Bintulu.
I like to sit outside my house balcony, chatting with my father, mother, siblings. Playing with our doggies,Tom tom & Lingki & our New FaMILY MEMBERS~~ the 4 newborn little puppies~

that's our 4 newborn puppies with the mother TOM TOM~~~

Legend is sleeping tight & soundly LOL

                                                      Audrey with the 4 happy!!!

Audrey & Me

                                                            LOL, can u see the babies' father ?
                                                         the one at the behind(brown colour dog)

The weather is making me become very moody today.... After went out for coffee with Claire& Yean yee in the afternoon, I came back to my room. I took a very light dinner tonight, kind of losing my appetite lately......
Then, I just sat in my room, doing some reading, meditating to the gospel songs which my dearest sis-in law gave me+doing my devotions.
While I am meditating with those songs & God's words, I feel I am protected & secure in God's arms.
I am no longer feel lonely, empty as I can sense his presence in me.
The devotion today says about God knows my heart desire, and Jesus knew that our deepest needs are spiritual, not physical.
What I want to say here is whenever u feel very empty, losing mood, sad, down,  u can always call for Jesus, for he is our provider, our refuge, he knows our needs & heal us, provide us the best for he knew the best for us.
Jesus knew that even if our physical needs were all met, we are, without him, we are spiritually empty,spiritually unsatisfied, spiritually incomplete.We always seeking but never finding, always longing but never fulfilled.
In John 6:25-35, Jesus says: I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty".

For our Paradise Church is running the 21 days fast & pray days, I ask myself to be determined to pray for my family, myself, my country earnestly , consistently ,specifically and I believe in Christ, I am able to see great things happen in my life.
When i pray & fast, My faith is building up, growing, and I believe!!!!!
It's important to pray !!!!!
One of my friend just shared with me his experience of never stop praying recently. His attitude of believing that God will provide him the best & praying specifically had inspired me lots.He never stop trusting & praying to God even the situation that time seems hopeless. It results with God really answered his prayer.
It's sound incredible for me, but it really is. Our God is so true!!!
 This example had inspired me to PRAY FOR MY DAD's SALVATION Consistently!!!!
As if i didn't pray, I can't let God interfere onto the earthly-work & fulfilled his mission onto our life.
I have to PRAY!!!!!!
Its all matter of time. God always has his own timing, our Abba father is the faithful & trustworthy God, he'll always keep his promise.
For he so loves the world, he gave his one , the only Son~Jesus Christ~ to die for our sin on the cross to wash our sin away.
He says he'll never forsaken us, and I believe in him for he is the TRUE GOD!!!! Our heavenly father who freely gives his blessing to us as his beloved children~~~

Like my case,  I had been praying for my dad's salvation for more than 15 years and I couldn't see any major changing on him, he's still haven't accepting Christ these years.
But if I really see the whole pic, actually my dad is changing, he's becoming more gentle and I can see my relationship with him is so much better compared to last time.
Last time when i was young, I always have the fear of going nearer, talking to my dad. I always see dad as a father who is very strict, fierce.....not a lovely&friendly person to talk , share my problems with.
But slowly, as years goes by, my father has became my intimate Friend, he's more like a Good friend to me.
I love talking, chatting with him!!!! LOL
I love to be with him, to sit on his car, hug him, kiss his cheeks, tickle him........
I think God is changing my father slowly. and i believe very soon, he'll experience God's love, God's presence & accept salvation. AMEN!!!!!!!
The conclusion is NEVER GIVE UP IN PRAYER!!!!!! :))

                                            This handsome man is my dearest DADDY!!!!!!! 

So, to know Christ is to be spiritually satisfied. Always feed urself with God's words & meditate on it. you'll find ur journey with God is really interesting & exciting!!!!
For Christianity is not about religion BUT IT IS A RELATIONSHIP with God:))

Yah, i wanna share with you guys my family photos which I edited. *claps* no copyright reserved oooo..... I love to look at it before I sleep:)) it makes me feel i am just beside them:))
                                                 SO SWEET RITE!!!!! heeee

~to be Continued~


Princess JOYCE