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Friday, March 25, 2011

Just BEing RANDOM Today

Heyay having Whole day class on Thursday isn't a VRY FUN DAY :(
Totally exhausted today......
the story of my Thursday started with late tutorial...I was late for my 3101 tute class as i overslept!!!!!
tsk tsk tsk, God, pls give me a pinch to REMIND ME 4ever, NEVER EVER LATE FOR TUTE anymore!!!!!! i felt bad for not doing my job as a student well enuf.......

WEll, Practical today wasn't go as smooth as i wish......Full with obstaclessss but thanks God, at least now i know, I still hv a BIG BIG BIG room to GROW, to IMPROVE!!!!!!!!!!!
After this long tute&workshop, i hd 2 hrs break before i start another tute.......
quickly ran into library to grab a sit in comp lab, i just sat in front of the comp, reading emails frm FRIENDSss to clear my mind which is TOO OVERLOADED, saturated!!!!!!!!!!! just couldn't bother to do any reading prepared for the next tute.....
So, I checked my inbox and one of the email that I received from Vinegar today is "Cast your burden on the LORD, and he shall sustain you" ~Psalms 55:22
Woww, Jesus loves me so much, he sent angel spoke to me of his words to cheer me up, encourage me, give me the hope & energy to continue today journey:))
Thanks Jesus!!!!!! :))

Then, i went for my patho class. After 2 hrs of tute class, I quickly hopped onto bus to get bck home to finish up my journal entry which due on TMR & i hvn started at all!!!!!!
once i gt bck home, i cooked myself a light dinner. hvg my dinner while finishing up my journal!!!!!!!!!
after 2 hrs of racing with time, I managed to finish it by God's grace:)) hehe
WELL, 1 down, 2 more to go.........I need more motivation to keep moving on...................
then, hv a short skype chat with the VINEGAR, YY, they reminded me of the needs of prayer & always remb the fact of The God is our STRENGtH!!!!
P.U.S.H. ~ pray until something happen! yay :))

I am sort of taking break tonitezzz......Just wanna to energize & spend private time with God, meditate on his words, listening to gospel songs. I need the SUSTAGEN from Jesus, I need him to sustain me to continue my journey!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I believe tomorrow will be a good day, a fruitful day which I really make full use of it!!!!!

REFLECTION of today is:
1. Don't OVERSLEEP, I have to wake up once My alarm is ringing!!!! LOL
2. Always ask for Jesus to guide my day, heart,soul, mind no matter how good/bad my day is :))
3. Think positively "IN CHRIST, I CAN"

~to be continued~


Princess JOYCE

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