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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Test of Faith

I like to PLAN, and i am a very typically planner, & I hope things to flow into place as I planned to be.
But sometimes life won't go as smooth as you thought, as you wish & plan to. Things gonna changed in sudden unexpectedly like how I just experienced yesterday.
Before my OSCE result is out, I was as happy as a bird who was flying up on the cloud 9. But when I got back from my final placement in S5, everything changed. 
I was so shocked & depressed by my OSCE result, as I failed :( which I totally didn't expected it to happen on me. I always have the confident that I did pretty well in this exam but obviously I am not doing well!
I started to question God and blaming him, how could he make this happen to me since it would be only 2 more weeks left from my graduation on Dec. A lot of concerns, worries started to pop into my mind , flooded my mind which made my mind couldn't function!!!!!!! How am I going to face my parents, friends and relatives backhome? hmmmm...

Thanks God for blessing and giving me with such a bunch of supportive family: MOM, Sis, Bro.....they are the angels who God sent to me to speak his words to me. I started to Fast & Pray, I believe God has his plan and purpose on me, for everything happen with a purpose:)
What we want, wish , plan might not God's will to us. All I have to learn from this case is be submittive, trust in HIM, for he is in control of my life. He knows my everything, every single things in my life:)

Prov 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. 

I pray God accomplished the thing according to his will and not my will. I submitted my worries, anxieties, and heart desires onto his almighty hands. You know what is my wish, desires. Thank you Jesus, Amen!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

It is a very meaningful song...............the song of the night! 

True friend gives great encouragements & advices

I am writing this blog specially dedicating to you, my friend for ur encouragements & words for all these while....AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! hehe

There was one night we had our chatting session & your words, encouragements had inspired me lots. Thank you friend!!!!!!!  
you told me I was gifted with cheerfulness, joyfulness in Christ. and it's my natural gifted by being so friendly, loving & bubbly person. ANd I had brought Joys to ppls ard me.......
You told me:
I have to learn to 'SAY NO" and put A STOP to a point in stopping certain things that had been happening continually onto me.......... 

 especially towards  certain friends or people who had been saying  words or comments that had been  quite over-cross the boundaries, by letting them know, I am not happy with it, to be able to express my thoughts!!!!!
You told me I had to set a LIMIT in this, don't let others take advantages on my personalities for being friendly and bubbliness.
Thank you my friend for everything.
You are a great family in Christ to me!  & I treasure our friendship:))

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce


It's Friday!!! WOOHOOO i bet most of the ppls are happy with the coming of Friday & SO DO I!!!
finally it hd passed one week, which meant I still hv 4 more weeks to go my clinical!!!!!!
Gambateh kudasai JOYCE!!!!!! just hang on there & u will reach the finishing line!!!!
For this sem clinical, I was assigned to HDU which was a challenging workplace for me, it made me to be more depending & submitting to God! 
I believe God has his own purpose for placing me in this unit this sem! & i believe I am not only performed well & learnt lots, gained good clinical experience this time, I will also have a closer relationship with Jesus!

I don't hv to be fear or afraid of anything FOR as a Christian, as the princess of God, I have my heavenly Father who will take care of me! loving me...he ll never leave me nor forsaken me!!!!!!!
it reminds me of the LOVE OF GOD in me! 
Thank you Lord!!!! for being my closest friend, my refuge, my rock, the boss of my life!!!!!! 
Because of you , I have nothing to worry about!

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

Thank YOU for taking my burdens & worries.......:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joyce misses you all tonitez :(

HMmmm... it hd been a while i didn't contact my besties back in M'sia..... the besties that we hd been knowing each other for 10 years..
& i think we should hv our 10th anniversary SOON..kekekeke
i just don't know WHY, I MISS ALL OF U VRY MUCH tonight! 
I miss the time we'r at Kch High, the time we shared our joy, upside down of our life tgthr.

tonite this blog & song are dedicated to:
Phiong, susu, jordan, h.lian, michael,, PCK.... 
7 of you are my soulmates forever & I treasured our FRIENDSHIP!!!!!! 
Our friendship is the wine of life to me! 



I will never forget the time, moment & memories we shared...& i gonna keep these deep inside my heart, they are the PRINCESS HEART to me!!!!! 

Although now 8 of us were set apart at different part of the world right now, but our hearts are owes join tgthr. 
i keep all of u in my prayers, i pray for Jesus's blessing, love & favour continue to shower upon the life of all of u!
& i pray for our friendship to grow sweeter, & sweeter like honey! 

                                                                 OUR LUCKY STAR

                                                        DEARIE HUI LIAN

                                                             DEARIE JORDAN

                                                                       DEARIE PHIONG

                                                          DEARIE SUSU

Phiong: thanks for being my listener, be my supporter. you're owes there for me when i need someone to share my prob with. THANK YOu!
thanks for offering ur place when i m homeless kekekkeke;P i wanna laugh when i think abt this.... yay, our KL trip is the BEST TRIP ever to me!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy every moment i share with u!

Susu: you're the most amusing one in this group for ur craziness which just turned me speechless sometimes..... i can owes so transparent in front of you!!!!!!!!! 
hahaha, i really treasure u tiz sister lahhh, FATE brought us tgthr, to be able to continue our friendship where i left sarikei when i was 9 yrs old.... & we'r able to meet each other during our secondary school when we was 16 yrs old........... 

w.Pin: your words are always so inspiring & encouraging. I remb we used to share abt the greatness of God tghr during our form4&5 time.... & i enjoyed talking & sharing with you abt Jesus!!!!!!!!! 

H.LIan: haha, you arrrr..... you're an awesome doc friend to me!!!!!! i just like to be with you for i jsut felt so comfortable to sit bside u & we juz chit chat from England to China.... we can talk abt any topic... & u're my hhl whom i trust !!!!

PCK: When i see u, i see the love of Jesus in you. Your love, kindness towards ppls ard u reflected how our wonderful God loves us!!!!!! I remb ur helpfulness for coming to my house to teach me physics...i noe i was so stupid tat time.. LOL 
kekekeke, yay, u'r such a nice guy friend tat i can share my prob to as well, & u are a great advicer!!!!!! keep it up bro.... 

Jordan: Haha, do u stil remb how we act bcum such a CLOSE FRIEND!!!!!???? 
ahaha, act the first time i met u, i didn't really like u for ur KIaM PAK LOOK!!!! LOL
thanks for approaching me first Jordan, otherwise, i won't be able to develop , hvg such a nice friend like you!!!!!! 

sometimes i end up giggling laughing by myself when i thought of how we actually start our friendship, which started with a sanitary pad...LOL... it's special & i bet nobody hd tiz kind of experience & u are the only one .......thanks for being my bubbly friend & yay, i noe, both of us like to fight , sorry for being so rude towards u last time & demanding u to tolerate me :((

michael: erm...... u're the most mature among the all in this group i guess..... You'r a nice frend to bully...LOL sorry i hv to say that, for u owes so blurrr and slowww to get the hint sometimess..when others are laughing, u r still in the midst of figuring what's going on..
& yay, thanks being a true friend to me, so helpful so kind to me..... I thank Jesus to hv a GREAT FRIEND like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Time really fliesss, now 8 of us were turning 23 this year...
Do you all remb? we were just 17 when we left our secondary school????? 
we were so excited with our future..........we fantasizes, dreams tgthr!!!!! 
I stored u all in one of the compartment of my heart....... 
I pray to Jesus to continue to bless u all abundantly in every areas of the life & bless our friendship as well.
jsut wanna tell u all that I LOVE YOU as mY BEST friends + bros+ sis in Christ. 

I. M. U all ToO!!!!!!

i better stop here if not i think tears gonna started to roll dwn frm my eyes
:( haihhhh, kinda emotional tonite:((, 
yay, mb it's true for the saying goes : weather will affect someone's feeling.........haihhh

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

Finding God's purpose in my LIFE

We are made in the image of God...
 God is our
FOUNDER who is the manufacturer&decides our Function on Earth. 

Last Sun service Ps. Brad preached abt. "DISCOVERING THE PURPOSE OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE". We had been thought on the importance of knowing our FOUNDER who is our Heavenly Father in order to know OUR FUNCTION & the FAVOR & BLESSING will come hand to hand!!!!! 

It reminds me of the connection btw. FOUNDER&FUNCTION&FAVOUR. 
 Do not build our life on our Function BUT

Our God always has the FINAL SAY!!!!! ONLY The Founder's says that's MATTER!!!!!
Trust in God's promise & words in our life, for the Bible says:
Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away~Matt 24:35~ 
Our God is a True & living God who won't fail us! TRUST in HIM that he gonna Use you as his HOLY INSTRUMENT to glorify his Name!!!!!!!

Be blessed & Highly favoured in HIM!!!!!

-to be continued-


Princess Joyce

Monday, May 30, 2011


So do not FEAR, for I am with you; 
Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will UPHOLD U with my Righteous Right Hand .
~ Isaiah 41:10~

I just felt wanting to share this bible verse to all my blogging followers, bros, sis, & friends tonight. Let's us be inspired and found our strength back from the words of God for his words are our daily bread.
the reason I wanna share with you all this verse as it had brought back my confident, strength and faith in relying on Jesus!!!!! 

I was quite disappointed with certain case that happened in my life recently.... and it had made me  fear, afraid of continuing my journey on doing it which I have no confident in doing it..........  
My heart was troubled and worried on how to overcome this fear, and I had the very negative thinking and assumption like: IF I can't get there in the end, IF I can't fulfill it...., IF ....... , then What should I do????
My thinking was filled with lots of "IF" ..........& I never let Jesus to take away those "IF" in me....

for the origin of my "IF" was came from my doubt, not trusting attitude towards Jesus...
Actually I just need to switch my attention from my problems to Bible verses(his words) and let his words renew my mind, meditate on it, and worry less.

Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding my attention & bring my mind back for turning my problems to Jesus. And guide me to read this words which straight appliable to my situation right now. 
Thank you Lord for speaking to me through his words. 
I felt so much stress free, and found bck my strength, confident in YOU. 

I wont' let the fear to control me, but I gonna let the fear of God to control me.
I feel no more fear for I know you're with me, I wont feel dismay for I know you are my God,
I know, believe, and trust in you that you will strengthen me, uphold me like always !!!!!!!! 
you won't abandoned nor forsaken me!!!!! 
NOW, i believe I WiLL DO WELL because of YOU, it's a new lesson for me to learn on trusting & relying on you through eating , meditate ur words as my DAILY BREAD! 

Praise the LOrd!

-to be continued-

Princess JOYCE

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today is the DAY!

RAWWRRrrRR finally i submitted the superb stress Rationale assignment!!!! & tonight seems to be a long wind, most relaxing night for me since week 7 after the break!!!!!!!
Today is the day!!!!!!! I feel so happy today like i am up on the Cloud 9 !!!!! hehe
i feel so stressfree like never before, ErrRMMM..maybe bcox just released the burden rationale hectic assingment from my shoulders!!!! haha

yaya, I called Dad, Mom, Audrey, David, Jenny, STephen!!!! & spent like more than 2 hours talking with them!!!
Usually I will just call Mom& my 4 lovely siblings......... Didn't really consistently call Dad......&
Dad actually counted the duration of period I didn't call him this time which is quite a long while...UrgghHHHhHhhhh it made me feel so BAD     :((

  here is our conversation:
Me>Dad: Hello Pa....
Dad>Me: Eyyyyy u still remb ur Pa?? U didn't call ur dad for a month dy!!!!! only remb to call your mom not me!

Hmmmm......... My heart is actually stunned for a while, and then aching......
From his voice tone, i could sense Dad actually wishes to receive my call frequently, although just a simple hello, how are you, bye, take care...These words seems to be very simple, but actually it means a lot to him!!!!! Maybe since young, i was closer, sticky to mom, that's why.....I always feel to have endless conversations with mom & she always know my feelings & thought....
Actually Dad, he wishes to be the One, who I can stick to as well just i didn't realise:((
Tonight both of us had the longest chat ever, our topic start from my study, his works, his company, to China,, to England (royal wedding), to Osama death, then back to ME again!!!!!!!!
In the end, he still more concern about my well being, how i do, cope with everything here.....

for this all while, yah, I always think my dad is a person who is always very serious, FIRM, TENSE With everything, VRY Powerful & ManlY man, STrong person who is not emotional, or need any emotion support.....
But, after tonight, i changed my view of him!!!
He is actually someone who is quite gentle, seek for pampered & love person!!!!
He also wants to receive love from his children for pampering him, care about him, sweet talk with him..........
I just realised actually FAther wishes to have Sweet talk with his children LOL..............

lovely photos taken 2 years ago...

I have to make an effort to strenghthen our relationship!!!!! for I had neglected for quite a while already,
I am a person who won't bother about missing, calling ppls once i get busy For I always have the thinking of I don't have time for all these, WAit till i got time, I will do it.....& that person will understand!!!
it is really not Good!!!!
One of my close friend here, kiing always remind me of "Jo arrr, you shouldn't do that, you still have to call ur family u noe, eventhou u're busy yah, as they are ur family""""
I thank God for a great sister like her!!!!! I am awake from my MISTAKE now!!!!
and I am willing to change!!!!!!!! by God's strength!!!!

Last Sunday Ps Ashley just shared about "FAMILY"
he shared about "GREAT FAMILY IS MADE NOT BORN"!!!!!
It is actually VERY VERY VERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

During Sunday School, the sunday school teacher taught us about the basic meaning of FAMily which is
F+A+M+I+L+Y= Father and Mother, I Love You!!!!!!

Since young, I had been nurtured with all these teaching and it's the time to Practice it!!!!!!
What's the meaning of Love??? In 1Cor13:4, it says" Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy,it does not boost, it does not proud". it is so True!!!!!!

When we Love someone, We should not just sit there and wait for someone to love us!!!!
We should first love ourselves before we love others. We should put effort, give and share our loves to ppls, and not aspecting of any returns from them.
It is very easy to say "I LovE YOU" to someone, BUT, How to Practice it out is the difficult part!!!!
We always say I love my FAmily, but do we really meant it???

After tonight conversations with my family, I ask me this question " I always say I love my family, dO i really meant it?"
My answer is "YESH!!!! I love them, But, did i put any effort to love them?"

For GREAT FAMILY is MADE NOT BORN, to make a great family,
we have to
1. make commitment
2. make an effort
3. make a plan
4. make suggestion

i got the WAY !!!!!!!!!
Thanks God for the awesome message you sent to me through Ps. Ashley preaching & it applied onto my situation right now!!!!!!!!

-to be continued-


Princess Joyce

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just BEing RANDOM Today

Heyay having Whole day class on Thursday isn't a VRY FUN DAY :(
Totally exhausted today......
the story of my Thursday started with late tutorial...I was late for my 3101 tute class as i overslept!!!!!
tsk tsk tsk, God, pls give me a pinch to REMIND ME 4ever, NEVER EVER LATE FOR TUTE anymore!!!!!! i felt bad for not doing my job as a student well enuf.......

WEll, Practical today wasn't go as smooth as i wish......Full with obstaclessss but thanks God, at least now i know, I still hv a BIG BIG BIG room to GROW, to IMPROVE!!!!!!!!!!!
After this long tute&workshop, i hd 2 hrs break before i start another tute.......
quickly ran into library to grab a sit in comp lab, i just sat in front of the comp, reading emails frm FRIENDSss to clear my mind which is TOO OVERLOADED, saturated!!!!!!!!!!! just couldn't bother to do any reading prepared for the next tute.....
So, I checked my inbox and one of the email that I received from Vinegar today is "Cast your burden on the LORD, and he shall sustain you" ~Psalms 55:22
Woww, Jesus loves me so much, he sent angel spoke to me of his words to cheer me up, encourage me, give me the hope & energy to continue today journey:))
Thanks Jesus!!!!!! :))

Then, i went for my patho class. After 2 hrs of tute class, I quickly hopped onto bus to get bck home to finish up my journal entry which due on TMR & i hvn started at all!!!!!!
once i gt bck home, i cooked myself a light dinner. hvg my dinner while finishing up my journal!!!!!!!!!
after 2 hrs of racing with time, I managed to finish it by God's grace:)) hehe
WELL, 1 down, 2 more to go.........I need more motivation to keep moving on...................
then, hv a short skype chat with the VINEGAR, YY, they reminded me of the needs of prayer & always remb the fact of The God is our STRENGtH!!!!
P.U.S.H. ~ pray until something happen! yay :))

I am sort of taking break tonitezzz......Just wanna to energize & spend private time with God, meditate on his words, listening to gospel songs. I need the SUSTAGEN from Jesus, I need him to sustain me to continue my journey!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I believe tomorrow will be a good day, a fruitful day which I really make full use of it!!!!!

REFLECTION of today is:
1. Don't OVERSLEEP, I have to wake up once My alarm is ringing!!!! LOL
2. Always ask for Jesus to guide my day, heart,soul, mind no matter how good/bad my day is :))
3. Think positively "IN CHRIST, I CAN"

~to be continued~


Princess JOYCE

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oNE day Trip to Mclaren & Victor harbour

It was PUBlic holiday~adelaide cup day~, so we as uni student, WE HAVE a long weekend!!!!!!!!!
So, Kiing & Me planned our trip to Mclaren Vale, after asking Renn & Jul to join us, 4 of us rented a car & drove to the beautiful place.....
hehe it's my second time to drive long journey at adelaide, and thanks God for giving me such a bunch of great acccompany, kiing, renn & juliana, 3 of them are really a blessing to my life!!!!!
their accompanies had made this trip meaningful & exciting!!!!!!
& thnaks kiing for reading the maps, GPS for me!!!!!!!!

The first winery we visited was Coriole Vineyards, IT is a rEALLY BEAUTIFUL place!!!!!!!!!
i strongly recommended u guys to visit this winery if u guys wish to experience the life staying at wineries, vineyards, picking the grapes, tasting the wines!!!!!!!!
the staffs here are really friendly & helpful!!!! they let us try their grapes where usually the visitors are nt allowed to go dwn to the vineyards to pluck the grapes...BUT, it's God's blessing that we gt the chance to have all these experiences.....heee
We're at the top of the mountain!
                                              The VINEYARD with LOTS for GRapes for harvest!

Since young, I am always attracted to places like vineyards, these places give me a picture of God's annointing on it, a place where Jesus used it in a parable, or teaching....
farms remind me of Sheeps!!!! For the LoRD is our Shepherd, WE are his Sheeps:))

In John 15:5, Jesus says" I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing."
From this verse, we see that we are branches like the branches in a grape vine, and the vine is Jesus. It is not possible for a branch to grow by itself, a branch must be connected to the vine to bear fruit and grow.
So, We MUST have JESUS in our life, connected to him  to bear more fruit for Jesus, BE A FRUITFUL person!!!!!!!!!!

After visited Corioles vineyard & Rose Estate, We had a light meal at market 190 for fish & chips, rump steak.
WE love the place so much, they served nice food & the staffs are all vry friendly!!!!!
Then, We travelled to Victor Harbour!!!!
yea yeah, finally we made to there. It had beeen quite a few times I heard my friends around me telling me they went there for holiday, but I havent been there yet:((
Rallly thanks God for giving me this chance to travel there with such a lovely bunch of ppls!!!!!!!!!!! ++++ the BEAUTIFUl sunny weather is a plus point!
i m sure the weather aDDED on our fun!!!!
Sunny day + Breezzing wind, Splashing Waves onto the Rock+ Cheerful ppls~~~~~~
the BEST ENJOYMENT on the earth,
it's not place which make the trip wonderful but THE CHEERFUL hEART of the pPLs who share the same jOys!!!!
Victor harbour is really a beautiful coastal, Our God is a wonderful God,
he is a great creator thanks for creating such a exotic place for me to enjoy!!!!!!!!!
For the words go by, "where is ur heart is, then where is ur treasure is" :))

WE have to treasure the time we spend with friends, family, AS the MOment that we own, experience together is priceless, and couldn't buy with a penny!!!!
This trip reminded me of the importance of bonding~with friends, FAMily, housemates, church mates.......
and we have a great bonding this time!!!!!!!!!!!

~to be continued~


Princess JOYce 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It had been nearly one week coming back from M'sia to Adelaide. HMmmm..
Peoples use to say "weather will affect someone's mood". Tonight is a very windy night , i can hear the smooth wind breezing throughout my balcony from my room........ it reminded me of my time at Kuching & Bintulu.
I like to sit outside my house balcony, chatting with my father, mother, siblings. Playing with our doggies,Tom tom & Lingki & our New FaMILY MEMBERS~~ the 4 newborn little puppies~

that's our 4 newborn puppies with the mother TOM TOM~~~

Legend is sleeping tight & soundly LOL

                                                      Audrey with the 4 happy!!!

Audrey & Me

                                                            LOL, can u see the babies' father ?
                                                         the one at the behind(brown colour dog)

The weather is making me become very moody today.... After went out for coffee with Claire& Yean yee in the afternoon, I came back to my room. I took a very light dinner tonight, kind of losing my appetite lately......
Then, I just sat in my room, doing some reading, meditating to the gospel songs which my dearest sis-in law gave me+doing my devotions.
While I am meditating with those songs & God's words, I feel I am protected & secure in God's arms.
I am no longer feel lonely, empty as I can sense his presence in me.
The devotion today says about God knows my heart desire, and Jesus knew that our deepest needs are spiritual, not physical.
What I want to say here is whenever u feel very empty, losing mood, sad, down,  u can always call for Jesus, for he is our provider, our refuge, he knows our needs & heal us, provide us the best for he knew the best for us.
Jesus knew that even if our physical needs were all met, we are, without him, we are spiritually empty,spiritually unsatisfied, spiritually incomplete.We always seeking but never finding, always longing but never fulfilled.
In John 6:25-35, Jesus says: I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty".

For our Paradise Church is running the 21 days fast & pray days, I ask myself to be determined to pray for my family, myself, my country earnestly , consistently ,specifically and I believe in Christ, I am able to see great things happen in my life.
When i pray & fast, My faith is building up, growing, and I believe!!!!!
It's important to pray !!!!!
One of my friend just shared with me his experience of never stop praying recently. His attitude of believing that God will provide him the best & praying specifically had inspired me lots.He never stop trusting & praying to God even the situation that time seems hopeless. It results with God really answered his prayer.
It's sound incredible for me, but it really is. Our God is so true!!!
 This example had inspired me to PRAY FOR MY DAD's SALVATION Consistently!!!!
As if i didn't pray, I can't let God interfere onto the earthly-work & fulfilled his mission onto our life.
I have to PRAY!!!!!!
Its all matter of time. God always has his own timing, our Abba father is the faithful & trustworthy God, he'll always keep his promise.
For he so loves the world, he gave his one , the only Son~Jesus Christ~ to die for our sin on the cross to wash our sin away.
He says he'll never forsaken us, and I believe in him for he is the TRUE GOD!!!! Our heavenly father who freely gives his blessing to us as his beloved children~~~

Like my case,  I had been praying for my dad's salvation for more than 15 years and I couldn't see any major changing on him, he's still haven't accepting Christ these years.
But if I really see the whole pic, actually my dad is changing, he's becoming more gentle and I can see my relationship with him is so much better compared to last time.
Last time when i was young, I always have the fear of going nearer, talking to my dad. I always see dad as a father who is very strict, fierce.....not a lovely&friendly person to talk , share my problems with.
But slowly, as years goes by, my father has became my intimate Friend, he's more like a Good friend to me.
I love talking, chatting with him!!!! LOL
I love to be with him, to sit on his car, hug him, kiss his cheeks, tickle him........
I think God is changing my father slowly. and i believe very soon, he'll experience God's love, God's presence & accept salvation. AMEN!!!!!!!
The conclusion is NEVER GIVE UP IN PRAYER!!!!!! :))

                                            This handsome man is my dearest DADDY!!!!!!! 

So, to know Christ is to be spiritually satisfied. Always feed urself with God's words & meditate on it. you'll find ur journey with God is really interesting & exciting!!!!
For Christianity is not about religion BUT IT IS A RELATIONSHIP with God:))

Yah, i wanna share with you guys my family photos which I edited. *claps* no copyright reserved oooo..... I love to look at it before I sleep:)) it makes me feel i am just beside them:))
                                                 SO SWEET RITE!!!!! heeee

~to be Continued~


Princess JOYCE

Sunday, February 27, 2011

UK TRip with sista audrey :))

 I should hv written down the whole journal for the whole journey.  But i chose to write down my billion million thanks,my appreciation to my Eldest sister: Audrey Lai!!!!
If not because of her, I WON'T hv the chance to fly to London,& experience all these incredible, unforgettable moments. She is the one who invited me to come along with her to this UK trip & sponsoring me for the whole trip! WAAAaHHHHH, ABBA FATHER, YOU really love me VRY VRY MUCH, you hv blessed me with such a great sista who loves me so much! I really thank you Abba father, for giving me such a sister!

(photo taken outside Hollyrood Palace,Edinburgh)

We hd great experience at edinburgh, travelling all the way from London to edinburgh by east coast train which took us 4 hours to reach there. Then we traveled from edinburgh to Loch Ness! I LOVE ALL THESE PLACESSsss!!!!!!!

                                          Audrey & Me ~we just reached London Train Station~

Edinburgh Monument

We took this photo at the OPEN ROOF HOP On-off Bus tour!
both of us had been Called "SMALL KIDS" as we kept moving around by the Harry Potter look Scottish Bus driver... SO EMBARASSING LOL


We're inside the EAST COAST TRAIN travelling whole way from London to Edinburgh:))
4 hours journey!!!!!

Audrey & Me enjoy sitting up on the air~ without realizing how dangerous it was~
but yeah, the air up there is so refreshing & cold!!!! WE LIKE IT 

  We're at SCOTLAND GLENCOE HIGHLAND , can you see the snow mountain behind us??~?~ OMGoshh, i couldn't remb how cold it was ady ~~~~

YEAHHHHhhhhhh I m on the BIG BUS, departing soon!!!!

                                          Here u are~ LOCH NESS ~ i am waiting for NESSIE to come out~~

Audrey ~~~the Prettiesss~~~~~ Wheee

PHoto taken tgthr with our Scottish TOUR GUIDE~Ricky~~ if i m not mistaken~LOL
he is a very funny scottish man, he likes to sing "du du du du du......du....." its actually a common scottish band music.....LOL

                                                               Glencoe Highland WaterFall,                                         According to Ricky, Scotland highland water is drinkable & all of us drank  it,& it's really FRESH & CLEAN!!!!!!!!! 

This trip is the most memorable & FANTASTIC TRIP i ever had for my 22++ years!!!!!!
Once again I wanna thank Abba Father for giving such a GREAT SISTA, who loves me so dearly & sayang me kao kao. 

I WANT to pray for my sister Audrey here, May Jesus you continue to bless every area of her life:
Spiritually~continue to seek ur words, ur ways & grow in you!
PHysically~ a healthy body, take care of her health! bless her a good health. continue to stay slim &pretty like owes!!!!!!! heeee
Financially~ Able to achieve her dreams, Bless her works!
Relationship~ Pray that God you show her the one the you hd prepared for her all these while:) A man who fear God & love God:)) 

I love Audrey! :))



Princess JOYCE

Thursday, January 6, 2011


How can we define happiness? Everyone define it in a different ways.......
someone thinks owning the 5 Cs or even 6 Cs is the biggest happiness for them,
someone thinks of being the Most Powerful & Capable Person in their work field as the best happiness...
Or Someone may thinks hvg a healthy mind & body as the biggest happiness.....

I think Happiness is actually very simple & easy to achieve! It depends on how we look at it!
Nowadays, people are never satisfy with their jobs, earning, achievement BECAUSE of the perfectionism & greediness in them!
Money had became the balancer in determining the level of happiness in a person life! HOW Sad & traumatic it is! 
The world will judge how rich you are by ur job income, how high pose are u in ur company, or even how ex is ur handphone? judging with the eyes of THE WORLD which i think is vry vry superficial!
What a sad thing to see and hear of ......
 it had even developed among Primary students & influenced their relationships with others.
I heard from one of my church friends testimony of the case of primary students comparing branded stationeries.
For example: the students who are using Pilot pens will only become friends with those who are using the same brand pen as them or even more EX branded pens......
From this simple case we could foresee the hidden danger of the world is going to face in the future among the future generation! 

In my point of view, Happiness is tangable! We can touch,  feel the happiness when satisfaction achieved!  The level of satisfaction is the gap line which separates btw happiness & suffering! 
If our bottom of  hearts are satisfied with what we have been blessed, we are happy!
But most ppl are greedy & I agree as I, myself is a greedy person as well!
I still remb last time when I just finished my form 5, I asked my parents to send me study overseas!
The reason i wanted to go overseas that time was to leave the family, I wanted to enjoy the "FREEDOM" of living apart from the control of parents...... one part also bcox of the rebellious behaviour in me that time! 
I always like to ask more from parents and didn't being thankful with what i am blessed with. 
BUT now, WHEN I really study overseas, I prefer to stay at home, i prefer to stay at kch!  WHICH i feel belong to here!
When I looked back, I found I had missed lots of precious moment with family and didn't treasure my time with them when I have the chance to do so!

The real happiness for me NOW is to spend time with family & everyone live together happily, stay healthy & peacefully. 
nOt a family where everyone is busy with each business and forsaken others!
Last time in Sunday school, the teachers always teach us to give thanks! and never be greedy towards money, BUT ALWAYS ASK , THIRST FOR MORE of the words of God!
Parents teach us since young that "money is not evil, but the love of the money is the evil roots".
I really thank God for such a dedicated parents that teach me these principle since young and save me from walking, doing thing, & directed, following the judgement of the World!

~~~~~ time to stop here i guess~~~~~


Princess JOYCE

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Blessed New Year 2011

WAaaahhHHH it hd been a while from updating my bloggy, when I think of updating it, it is already a brand new year 2011. Time really flies SUPER sUPER FAST, more than how i expected ^_^
Last year was an amazing year for me, everything that I had experienced last year brought different colours into my life. Every experience is likes water colours that colours my life pictures to be more colourful & attractive.......
I really thanks God for guiding & bringing me through year 2010.  Although I had been through some hard times throughout the last year, I didn't give up. As I knew God is always with me, he had spoke to me through his words from the Bible & sent angels ~~ referred to church pastor, lg members, besties, high skul friends~~ I had overcomed them with God's grace & love in my life, WELL, i did failed some tests he gave me, hope that i'll overcome them next time if I gonna face the same tests in the future!
 He had interfered in every details of my life & guided me went through the tests & tasks he wanted me to achieve successfully!
His purposes are to mould me to be a more mature Christian &Children of God!
I had been through decision making stages, making the Right DECISION, RIGHT WAY to deal with problems...and so on........
i found that the wisdom of God in our daily life is so important. Never feel sorry to ask for wisdom from him, his unfailing love & mercy will keep falling into our life:)

For this brand new year of 2011, I would like to continue hold onto and continue my year 2010 resolution of focusing on "HIS KINGDOM"! It should be carried on continously in the future, for the next 10 yrs, 20 yrs, 30 yrs........and so on.......
Well, I do added on new resolutions for this year.
1.Keep believing and trusting him NO Matter what circumstances i m facing on :)
The bible stated King David understood the need to seek God & to praise him name even through the difficult times.
King David wrote down Psalm 71 to response during the difficult hard times, he was going through time of ppl mocking him that God had abandoned him.
He chose to response God by praising & worship his name instead of doubting & blaming God!

I found that I still have so much room to GROW and LEARN! I would like to be like how David response when he was in trouble, hard times..........
 I want to respond like David did every time – with praise and confidence that God will rescue me. Just reading this passage gives me comfort and strength to make it through yet another trial in the future!
21 You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again.
 22 Then I will praise you with music on the harp, because you are faithful to your promises, O God. I will sing for you with a lyre, O Holy One of Israel.
 23 I will shout for joy and sing your praises, for you have redeemed me.
24 I will tell about your righteous deeds all day long, for everyone who tried to hurt me has been shamed and humiliated.

God says:" I'll not abandone you, nor forsaken you" He is the God who keeps to his promises & never break it!
We should not only believe it, but also proclaiming it. Sometimes, the power of proclaiming is so much powerful than just believing it in our heart.
We can spread the news to others when we say it out, proclaiming to others about the goodness of God in our life. others are able to hear about the gracefulness of Jesus Christ,
As Pastor Joseph Prince ever preaced in one of his sermon, when we START saying, WE START to believe it. It is important to lift Jesus name high & proclaim his wonderfulness every day!
Our mouth is a very powerful weapon to be used for the kingdom of God!

2. Seeking & thirsting for the WISDOM of God in my life.
I would like to really pray for God's wisdom in my life which I think I don't really ask for it for the past few years. The lack of wisdom of God had caused me to walk in the wrong way, not doing the Right thing, Right decision! 
King David's son~King Solomon asked for wisdom from God & it had made him to be known & recognised as the MOST EVER INTELLIGENT KING who is FULL OF WISDOM. 
The bible stated there is no other king in Israel who is Smarter than him!
I hope I can be like King Solomon, making the right decision with God's wisdom in me & continue to love & trust in him more and more everyday!

I believe 2011 is a year filled with God's favours, blessings & loves. It is gonna to be an amazing year in him!
I pray for God's strength and power in my life, grant me the wisdom & energy to overcome the more to come trials & tests.

I want to continue to burn & shine for him, continue to become the salt of the world :)) Become the WET WATER WALKER! AMEN!!!!!!



Princess JOYCE