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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joyce misses you all tonitez :(

HMmmm... it hd been a while i didn't contact my besties back in M'sia..... the besties that we hd been knowing each other for 10 years..
& i think we should hv our 10th anniversary SOON..kekekeke
i just don't know WHY, I MISS ALL OF U VRY MUCH tonight! 
I miss the time we'r at Kch High, the time we shared our joy, upside down of our life tgthr.

tonite this blog & song are dedicated to:
Phiong, susu, jordan, h.lian, michael,, PCK.... 
7 of you are my soulmates forever & I treasured our FRIENDSHIP!!!!!! 
Our friendship is the wine of life to me! 



I will never forget the time, moment & memories we shared...& i gonna keep these deep inside my heart, they are the PRINCESS HEART to me!!!!! 

Although now 8 of us were set apart at different part of the world right now, but our hearts are owes join tgthr. 
i keep all of u in my prayers, i pray for Jesus's blessing, love & favour continue to shower upon the life of all of u!
& i pray for our friendship to grow sweeter, & sweeter like honey! 

                                                                 OUR LUCKY STAR

                                                        DEARIE HUI LIAN

                                                             DEARIE JORDAN

                                                                       DEARIE PHIONG

                                                          DEARIE SUSU

Phiong: thanks for being my listener, be my supporter. you're owes there for me when i need someone to share my prob with. THANK YOu!
thanks for offering ur place when i m homeless kekekkeke;P i wanna laugh when i think abt this.... yay, our KL trip is the BEST TRIP ever to me!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy every moment i share with u!

Susu: you're the most amusing one in this group for ur craziness which just turned me speechless sometimes..... i can owes so transparent in front of you!!!!!!!!! 
hahaha, i really treasure u tiz sister lahhh, FATE brought us tgthr, to be able to continue our friendship where i left sarikei when i was 9 yrs old.... & we'r able to meet each other during our secondary school when we was 16 yrs old........... 

w.Pin: your words are always so inspiring & encouraging. I remb we used to share abt the greatness of God tghr during our form4&5 time.... & i enjoyed talking & sharing with you abt Jesus!!!!!!!!! 

H.LIan: haha, you arrrr..... you're an awesome doc friend to me!!!!!! i just like to be with you for i jsut felt so comfortable to sit bside u & we juz chit chat from England to China.... we can talk abt any topic... & u're my hhl whom i trust !!!!

PCK: When i see u, i see the love of Jesus in you. Your love, kindness towards ppls ard u reflected how our wonderful God loves us!!!!!! I remb ur helpfulness for coming to my house to teach me physics...i noe i was so stupid tat time.. LOL 
kekekeke, yay, u'r such a nice guy friend tat i can share my prob to as well, & u are a great advicer!!!!!! keep it up bro.... 

Jordan: Haha, do u stil remb how we act bcum such a CLOSE FRIEND!!!!!???? 
ahaha, act the first time i met u, i didn't really like u for ur KIaM PAK LOOK!!!! LOL
thanks for approaching me first Jordan, otherwise, i won't be able to develop , hvg such a nice friend like you!!!!!! 

sometimes i end up giggling laughing by myself when i thought of how we actually start our friendship, which started with a sanitary pad...LOL... it's special & i bet nobody hd tiz kind of experience & u are the only one .......thanks for being my bubbly friend & yay, i noe, both of us like to fight , sorry for being so rude towards u last time & demanding u to tolerate me :((

michael: erm...... u're the most mature among the all in this group i guess..... You'r a nice frend to bully...LOL sorry i hv to say that, for u owes so blurrr and slowww to get the hint sometimess..when others are laughing, u r still in the midst of figuring what's going on..
& yay, thanks being a true friend to me, so helpful so kind to me..... I thank Jesus to hv a GREAT FRIEND like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Time really fliesss, now 8 of us were turning 23 this year...
Do you all remb? we were just 17 when we left our secondary school????? 
we were so excited with our future..........we fantasizes, dreams tgthr!!!!! 
I stored u all in one of the compartment of my heart....... 
I pray to Jesus to continue to bless u all abundantly in every areas of the life & bless our friendship as well.
jsut wanna tell u all that I LOVE YOU as mY BEST friends + bros+ sis in Christ. 

I. M. U all ToO!!!!!!

i better stop here if not i think tears gonna started to roll dwn frm my eyes
:( haihhhh, kinda emotional tonite:((, 
yay, mb it's true for the saying goes : weather will affect someone's feeling.........haihhh

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

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