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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last night i just watched a short video about the Love Story of a couple: Brian & Jacelyn! I was so amazed witnessing how manifesing & mighty God, willing to be involved in every detail of their life. They had been showed a bible verse Ecc 4:9 about TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE...with the right timing and knot together into a courtship & finally recently they just got married on 10 October 2010.
this verse had moulded them, challenged them into two better person. In fact, two are not better than one IF TWO cannot become one. This verse taught us about God and about Love.

This couple testimony had reminded me of how great is our God. Indeed two are better than one.

Their story had made me think of what kind of love story am i longing for:) I bet every girls fancy and hope to have a perfect love story like Cinderella, Snow white, just like the fairy tale, having a happy ending if I can happen. Does it really happen in reality?! i am kind of questioning myself, am I longing for such a perfect love story as well?!. the answer is NO!

In my point of view, I think every love relationship is like a triangle which involving Jesus Christ as the centre peak that brings both of the couple together. Jesus is the one that brings every couple together at a perfect timing and guide them through the up & down of their life.
Jesus should be always at the NO.1 position in this relationship. If the couple have a very close relationship with God, they seek and pray to God everyday, love God with all their heart, soul and mind, automatically, they will become close to each other as well. It is the ultimate rule because they love God more than they love each other. They put God first in their life. They soaked themselves in the presence of God and filled with his overwhelming love which made they know how to love each other with God's love as they had experienced God's love in them.

Recently I had been asked by peoples about why am I still remain single since i had reached the age of getting myself a boyfriend? Or why am I rejecting guys whom interested in me? ARe they not high standard enough? not rich enough? not capable enough? that's why i reject them??? and so on.....I had been asked all  these questions continuously for months since March early of this year. Peoples keep questioning my responses.
I give a very lame reason of I am Single but I am emotionally unavailable. In other sense, it is a very polite way of rejecting a guy in telling him i am not ready yet without hurting his feeling.  
Well I might not as courageous as other girls, or very good in expressing my thinking, but I always know my stand. I have to stand still and hold onto it. I have to let the guys know that I just want to maintain the balance of friendship. I don't wish to overcross the boundaries of friendship with any guys that are interested in me when I myself is not ready to involve in love relationship.

For me, I think Love Relationship is all about Waiting + Readiness for the Perfect Time. So I am still at the stage of waiting & equipping myself to be ready for it when the time comes.
I don't want to jump into a relationship just because my other girlfriends all have a boyfriend, having the ego that I don't want to become a loser, be the one who is far left behind them. Or because I don't want to dissapoint certain guys, and fulfill their request.
In this moment, my eyes are focus on God's kingdom and I am still waiting for the green light from God to show me when should I commit into a relationship, and which guy is the one that he prepared for me. well, I know now is not the right time yet.
I am passionate about the calling of my life. I know it is not an coincidence for me to study at Adelaide. I know all these happen with a purpose and it will never happen without God's grace in my life.
Our God is a true & living God that he hears our prayer. I believe my future career of being a nurse will bring a great impact to those people around me, and I will keep holding to his promise that he will guide and bless me through my journey.
I would like to equip myself with God's words, loves: building a strong & intimate relationship with God, understand God's love towards me, fulfilling his purpose of life in me. i would like to become an apple in God's eyes, a woman of God, in the meantime, I equiped & prepared myself to be the best suitable woman for my future partner. And continue to pray for my future spouse which God had prepared for me.
I remember my mom used to tell me that I should not wait for the guy to become the best guy for you but I myself have to prepare & equip myself to be the best woman for him and pray for him.
I always believe we can only love others with God's love if we had experienced God's love in us.
SO, I believe God has prepared me a guy who is most suitable for me, as he knows who is the best for me.
I just need to keep believing in him, pray to him, and love him with all my heart, soul, and mind! he'll provide!

Birdseye view, awake the stars cause they're all around you,

Wide eyes will always brighten the blue:
Chase your dreams & remb me, speak bravery, because after all those wings will take you, up so high,so bid the forest a fond goodbye, as you brace the wind &Take to the SKY :)
I ended my blog with my favourite song "TO THE SKY" sang by adam young!

Never give up for your dreams! our dreams are our motivation:)
All the best to those who are in love, God bless you with a fruitful relationship ! and happy waiting for those who is still waiting for the right one from God:) including me too ^_^


Love, Princess JOYCE

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


After a long while away from blogging life, i came back to blogging WORLD which influenced by my "cute, charming" pikachu friend! Actually there is always a hidden urgency in my heart of going back to blogging life all for this while, but my laziness just stop the momentum from moving on!
Finally i made it, a new starting of a new month of October! haha

ERm, actually i really have not much idea of what to share for my first blog!
I might start with a short sharing about GOD USE US TO TOUCH PEOPLE AROUND US.  When i attended Hope Melbourne last month, a brother was sharing his testimony about how God use him to bless those people around him, it just happen so miraculously without expectation. It showed that all of us are called to be an influencer. It reminded me of my story with one of my clients at my workplace. She was touched by God's love when I prayed for her for the first time, where she said she felt so touched and peaceful in her heart when I prayed for her. That day was her birthday and I really thank God that I introduced Jesus Christ to her. And I thought it was the best gift I ever gave to someone during their birthday! I will continue to keep her in my prayer, and i believe one day she'll come to Christ.

Our overwhelming God's love in us can touch people around us who need God's love in them sufficiently! Overflowing into their life, get touched by God's powerful LOVE. Never look down on God's love, as it is the most powerful weapon to win battle for our Lord. As the bible states, among hope,faith & love, THE GREATEST is LOVE! Love can overcome everything!
John 3:16"For God so loved the world that he gaved his one and ONLY Son, that whoever believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life".

How to be a great influencer????  2 keys that contribute us to become a great influencer are OBEDIENCE TO GOD & EmPOWERING BY HOLY SPIRIT.
We should expand our VIsION to be a blessing to others by looking OUTWARD! Keep believing and proclaiming that GoD will explode the works.

Don't forget, everyone of us are wonderfully and fearfully made by God, and we're created in the LIKENESS OF GOD! God has put purpose of life in everyone life, we just need to ask, seek , believe & receive! Keep hold on to the promise of God, continue to stay passionate with the calling of your life!
Jeremiah 33:3 says "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know". God has promised us that we just need to call him which is through prayer, tell him what you want to know and he'll answer us. He is waiting for us to ask before he blesses us with what he longs to give us.

I think it should be enough for this time and i'll try my best to write more, share more in my next blog!
Continue to soak yourself in God's presence, you're highly favored, deeply loved in Christ:)



Princess Joyce