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Saturday, June 25, 2011

True friend gives great encouragements & advices

I am writing this blog specially dedicating to you, my friend for ur encouragements & words for all these while....AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! hehe

There was one night we had our chatting session & your words, encouragements had inspired me lots. Thank you friend!!!!!!!  
you told me I was gifted with cheerfulness, joyfulness in Christ. and it's my natural gifted by being so friendly, loving & bubbly person. ANd I had brought Joys to ppls ard me.......
You told me:
I have to learn to 'SAY NO" and put A STOP to a point in stopping certain things that had been happening continually onto me.......... 

 especially towards  certain friends or people who had been saying  words or comments that had been  quite over-cross the boundaries, by letting them know, I am not happy with it, to be able to express my thoughts!!!!!
You told me I had to set a LIMIT in this, don't let others take advantages on my personalities for being friendly and bubbliness.
Thank you my friend for everything.
You are a great family in Christ to me!  & I treasure our friendship:))

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

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