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Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's Friday!!! WOOHOOO i bet most of the ppls are happy with the coming of Friday & SO DO I!!!
finally it hd passed one week, which meant I still hv 4 more weeks to go my clinical!!!!!!
Gambateh kudasai JOYCE!!!!!! just hang on there & u will reach the finishing line!!!!
For this sem clinical, I was assigned to HDU which was a challenging workplace for me, it made me to be more depending & submitting to God! 
I believe God has his own purpose for placing me in this unit this sem! & i believe I am not only performed well & learnt lots, gained good clinical experience this time, I will also have a closer relationship with Jesus!

I don't hv to be fear or afraid of anything FOR as a Christian, as the princess of God, I have my heavenly Father who will take care of me! loving me...he ll never leave me nor forsaken me!!!!!!!
it reminds me of the LOVE OF GOD in me! 
Thank you Lord!!!! for being my closest friend, my refuge, my rock, the boss of my life!!!!!! 
Because of you , I have nothing to worry about!

~to be continued~


Princess Joyce

Thank YOU for taking my burdens & worries.......:)

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