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Monday, May 30, 2011


So do not FEAR, for I am with you; 
Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will UPHOLD U with my Righteous Right Hand .
~ Isaiah 41:10~

I just felt wanting to share this bible verse to all my blogging followers, bros, sis, & friends tonight. Let's us be inspired and found our strength back from the words of God for his words are our daily bread.
the reason I wanna share with you all this verse as it had brought back my confident, strength and faith in relying on Jesus!!!!! 

I was quite disappointed with certain case that happened in my life recently.... and it had made me  fear, afraid of continuing my journey on doing it which I have no confident in doing it..........  
My heart was troubled and worried on how to overcome this fear, and I had the very negative thinking and assumption like: IF I can't get there in the end, IF I can't fulfill it...., IF ....... , then What should I do????
My thinking was filled with lots of "IF" ..........& I never let Jesus to take away those "IF" in me....

for the origin of my "IF" was came from my doubt, not trusting attitude towards Jesus...
Actually I just need to switch my attention from my problems to Bible verses(his words) and let his words renew my mind, meditate on it, and worry less.

Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding my attention & bring my mind back for turning my problems to Jesus. And guide me to read this words which straight appliable to my situation right now. 
Thank you Lord for speaking to me through his words. 
I felt so much stress free, and found bck my strength, confident in YOU. 

I wont' let the fear to control me, but I gonna let the fear of God to control me.
I feel no more fear for I know you're with me, I wont feel dismay for I know you are my God,
I know, believe, and trust in you that you will strengthen me, uphold me like always !!!!!!!! 
you won't abandoned nor forsaken me!!!!! 
NOW, i believe I WiLL DO WELL because of YOU, it's a new lesson for me to learn on trusting & relying on you through eating , meditate ur words as my DAILY BREAD! 

Praise the LOrd!

-to be continued-

Princess JOYCE

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