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Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 lessons of WHAT TO DO in the middle of the storms!

Last week we had combined sunday service at central, Dr. Samuel Chand preached about the story of Jesus walked on the water.....
He is a very inspiring speaker, a very annointing Godly man! He brought out God's messages to us through a very humorous way which made the whole sermon so alive and made the seed planted on a good soil by the work of holy spirit, deep inside our heart. I believe everyone gain something from this service.
I personally think that i should write a blog about this which i think this message is beneficial to all of us and bless evryone of us here.

Matthew 14:22-32 the story of Jesus walks on the water
Lesson 1: V22 Jesus actually made the disciples get into the boat & the disciples follow his order.
Our obedient can put us into the storm! Well, God has his purpose of putting us into the storm

Lesson 2:  V23
Lord will meet you in your storm.
3 points you should do during the storms.
(a) Be a good cheer by keeping a good attitude. YOUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE.
(b) Come to Jesus, he'll never forsaken you. He is the God in and out the storm. 
in v 27, Jesus says "IT IS I" = he is saying it is me, i'll never leave you!
(c) Don't be afraid. Jesus says in v 27, It is I , don't be afraid. Count on Jesus, he is always there!
Jesus is in control of ur storms, don't be afraid. 

Lesson 3: Your storms will show you who your friends are. V28-29
When Peter is stepping out from the boat, the other disciples are holding back on the boat.
Don't be a DRY "boat people" INSTEAD STEP OUT to where Jesus is~~~ Be a WET WATER WALKER~~~

Lesson 4: The Lord will show you who you are in the storms.
V30 Peter cried out  "Lord ,save me"!
It is reckon as the extreme Passive voice of Peter where Peter had tried out everything he could do before he cried out for Jesus's help! From here, we can see that when storm comes, we will know Jesus is the "ONLY HELP"!

Lesson 5: The Lord will show you who he is through the storms.
V32 When they climbed into the boat, the wind died down.
The storm didn't stop until they got back to the boat. And the disciples say Truly he is the Son of God! through the storms in our life, we see Jesus!
Jesus is the storm and healer in the same time!
When Jesus on hold of your life, you will ready to walk on the storms. READY TO EMPOWER IN THE STORM.
and Walk hand-in-hand with Jesus.

REMember, the storms in our life are trials and tests from God, we have the need of understanding the key of being trusting and be faithful in God that he'll help us to go through all these, so that, in the end, all the honour and glory are belonged to our Lord Jesus.
Our TESTs AND TriALs will produce a great living testimony to other!
YOU"LL never have a testimony unless you have the test!

When we are facing any battle in our life, we should descend and get close to God---like what Peter did, go to Jesus,let him speaks to us into our life to show us the way! Be humble, be honest and depending on Holy Spirit.
Take up our position and stand still.
Psalms 46 Be still and know I am God.
It is a position of faith. BE FAITHFUL to Jesus. In Hebrew 11- Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we DO NOT SEE.
Faith is about believing in what we cannot see. In the middle of storm, we should be still, stay faithful to God, go near to him, let him show us what to do!
 Remember our God is the God who turn our struggles into strengths! In God, all thing are possible, are possible!

Continue to stay faithful in Christ, come boldly to him, hold onto the promises that he hd given us!
You're highly favored, deeply loved and greatly blessed in Christ!


Princess Joyce

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