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Saturday, November 6, 2010

26 Oct 2010, the bestest 22ndBirthday EVER tgthr wif LG&friends:)

Hihi it's time for princess to update my bloggy!!!
                                                BEST EVER B'DAY (26 October 2010)

Princess just had her 22 b'day last week, had a great time of combine b'day celebration wif another b'day boy in lg-- alex for his 19 b'day as well. it's SO SPECIAL RITE! haha, first time experience for me!
                                               Princess Joyce & smallkid alex --b'day stars for the night~.~

We had a steamboat night at my place. During the process of preparation, i really could see the sincerity and helpfulness of evryone in contributing their works and effort to make this day happen!  Really thanks God for all of you to make this day happen and WONDERFUL!!!
this year bday was so so so memorable , so special!  I reckon it was the best b'day ever, I could see God's blessing shower abundantly upon evryone of us. Everyone enjoy the fun, share the joyous moment with us, it is definitely a vry good 2+++hrs break for all the students frm the hectic revision!!!!!!
I really thank Jesus for making my life so happening, so exciting, evryday is a blessing from him!

a bunch of lovely ppls

free session, fellowship

3 naughty men!

my favourite lg leaders!

amy tan-the kch girl who baked b'day cake for us

my favourite ppls in adelaide!

On this special day, first of all, I would like to thanks my dearest MOM for giving birth on me, she is the BEST MOM on this earth! she is the one that teaches me about Jesus, bringing me to sunday school who planted the seed into my heart. I would not have the chance of knowing Jesus without you! I still remember how you stand strong with your faith in God, how you stand for Jesus when dad stop you from going to church. When 5 of us got persecuted for going to church, you are the woman of God who are like an angel to ur children, you encouraged us to hold onto God, trust in God, never depart from believing in him. You pray with us, wept our tears, sat with us, and hold our hand, saying:" its fine dear, God is with us, continue to pray for ur father, for what he is doing, he doesn't know." u said:" God is using we(aud,dav,jen,step,joyce & MOM herself) as his weapon to bring salvation to Lai's family, through us, father will be able to see Jesus in us, never stop praying for his salvation. Jesus loves ur father like how he loves us! Amen!
I really want to give my millionbillion thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful MOM, she is the strongest woman of God i ever seen! I see Jesus in her, in her daily life, she is so faithful in her journey with God. :) Thanks MOM!

                                               THE BEST MOM AWARD-my dearest MOM

I would like to express my heartest sorry to you too for being rebellious, going against your way sometimes, I would like to change my bad habit. Am continue to pray for God's love in me, the guidance of holy spirit in me for awaring with my attitude which may sometime hurt ur feeling! I know all for these while, I had been quite a rebellious daughter who always believe in my own perception and thinking. like what you always say I am the MOst rebellious child among the other 4 siblings who always run you nuts....REALLY SOORRRYyyy~~~~

haah, of course, I never forget about you-MY DADDY!!!! the little mermaid daddy:))
THANKS for being such a supportive dad for me. I know you're not a vry expressive dad, you're not good in voicing your love and cares for me, but you show your love to me through action.
I love the way you say :"ohla, loso, you're so naggy, stop being naggy to me like i am an old man, stop tat misi...." when i talk to you on phone!
I love you dad, for being so loving, so caring to me! I miss the time we used to go to ur office together b4 i came study overseas, how you used to bully my soft toys by bagging them onto the walls!
You always say i am a fatty girl, always ask me to lose weight but when I try to skip my lunch or dinner, you'll say, "botun, you're not fat, come and eat, don torture your stomach, haih, you are nt fat" I know you just love my company, love to see ur children enjoy the meal tgtrh with you.
You are an awesome daddy, you're wonderful, A REAlLY capable Man , ther is no others man like you who is as capable as you! You are like my doramon who knows everytin!
I continue to pray for you dad, YOu are the best dad ever for me, i really thanks God for giving me such a lovely dad, such a wonderful parents!
                                                         My Manja DAD:))
in the bible God says, even when we're in the womb of our mother, he already knew evry single hair on my head, he already had his purposes in our life for us to fulfill!
I want to hold onto his promise in my life, he promises to give me the BEST, THE BEST BLESSING! I want to see great thing happen in my life!
I want to focus on God's kingdom, SEEKING WANTING LOOKING for his kingdom! it is my 2010 resolution, and one of my 22nd b'day wishes as well!
the other 2 b'day wishes are:
I want MY father accept Jesus Christ as his life of saviour, accept salvation!
I want to continue to grow in God's words, grow in wisdom, continue to be favour in God's eyes-be the apple of his eyes.

AMEN! I believe God's listen to my prayer, my wishes and i trust in him to give me the best! he'll fulfill my wishes one by one on his right timing. What I should do is , hAVE GREAT FAITH in HIM, TRUST IN HIM> Pray according to his WILL!

have a great night everyone!


Princess JOYCE

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