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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A lesson from the everyday!

It's my 2nd week bck to kch  evryday is a new &wonderful day for me! Home is still the best place, it's a place where my heart belong to!

During the journey I fly bck frm Adel, I started to think how to make full use of my 3 months holiday! I pray for his wisdom & ways in me! What I can say is: our God is a God who always suprises & amazes us with unexpected events! my everyday is filled with excitement, suprises!!!!

The first day i reached kch, I couldn't get into my house as none of my family members are at kch! IT IS SUCH A HILARIOUS EXPERIENCE I ever had for my 22 years of life! Thanks God that I had been blessed with my besties Phiong for "adopting" me for 1 night......
Now I look back, it is actually a perfect moment time for us to catch up with each other aft long time of distance apart and we had a great time of heart conversation!
Without this incident, we won't be able to hv the opportunity to stay over at the same place & chatting face to face that much to each other!
Our God is actually a God who actually makes everything happen with a purpose which hidden with his beautiful plans for us!

After Kiing&me registered for our IELTS at IDP, we went to the Spring to meet up with Amy for K-session! mostly Mr. Jay chou's songs......our beautiful,sweet voices are able to make the sky raining! keke:D
3 of us hd a "NICE" &beautiful experience for K-session, we broke a glass & forgot to take our lao po beng! Thanks God, we didn't get fined &even gt bck our lao po peng after 4 hours since we left K-box!
the moment we broke the glass, the first thing we did was asking Jesus to help us &hv faith in him! We don't want to get fined! & he listens to our ask!  thank you Jesus:)
Then, we went to HOJB to look for crystal bracelet. this is the first time i bought a RM1135 crystal bracelet which nearly made me fainted! At first,  I only thought of getting myself a pretty & comfortable& reasonable price crystal bracelet to pamper myself.....Unexpectedly, I picked a TOO Costly & Pricey bracelet which is not appliable for me AS A STUDENT to get! Somemore, I am not a full time Working adult yet!!!!!!  I made a mistake of buying stuff without looking at the price tag! 
I had spent abt 300++ aussie dollars which is my 1 week rental payment....I had spent too much on an unnecessary luxurious material... 
This incident not only taught me a lesson, also to the other 2 girls.......WE learnt to be wise in choosing , buying stuffs! we nd to open our eyes,always be rationale & smart in making decision!

Today devotion I study Jeremiah 18:1-10. It says about AT POTTER's HOUSE! Sometimes, we learn the most profound lessons from an everyday experience. OUR potter can mould us through our single little bits of our daily life experiences.
this was what happened for Jeremiah the day he obeyed God's intrustion and went to the potter's house. The potter was an essential part of the community as a variety of pots were in daily use in every household.
the bible states Jeremiah watched & learned! the potter would have worked quickly and confidently as he took a lump of clay & began to shape it. But when it failed to produce the shape he had  in mind he started again. The lump of clay would be formed and reformed until the potter was satisfied with the end product.

For us being shaped by the divine potter is sometimes painful. But God is the Master Potter who works in our lives to produce beauty and character.
WE may not understand the trials and suffering of the present but we can be confident that the Potter work in our lives by his goodness and grace!!!!!
The question is : WILL WE TRUST HIM?!

Continue to trust in him that he is shaping us to produce beauty & character!!!!!! He is the protection of our virtues:)
God bless u & have a good week ahead!


Princess JOYCE

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