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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Blessed New Year 2011

WAaaahhHHH it hd been a while from updating my bloggy, when I think of updating it, it is already a brand new year 2011. Time really flies SUPER sUPER FAST, more than how i expected ^_^
Last year was an amazing year for me, everything that I had experienced last year brought different colours into my life. Every experience is likes water colours that colours my life pictures to be more colourful & attractive.......
I really thanks God for guiding & bringing me through year 2010.  Although I had been through some hard times throughout the last year, I didn't give up. As I knew God is always with me, he had spoke to me through his words from the Bible & sent angels ~~ referred to church pastor, lg members, besties, high skul friends~~ I had overcomed them with God's grace & love in my life, WELL, i did failed some tests he gave me, hope that i'll overcome them next time if I gonna face the same tests in the future!
 He had interfered in every details of my life & guided me went through the tests & tasks he wanted me to achieve successfully!
His purposes are to mould me to be a more mature Christian &Children of God!
I had been through decision making stages, making the Right DECISION, RIGHT WAY to deal with problems...and so on........
i found that the wisdom of God in our daily life is so important. Never feel sorry to ask for wisdom from him, his unfailing love & mercy will keep falling into our life:)

For this brand new year of 2011, I would like to continue hold onto and continue my year 2010 resolution of focusing on "HIS KINGDOM"! It should be carried on continously in the future, for the next 10 yrs, 20 yrs, 30 yrs........and so on.......
Well, I do added on new resolutions for this year.
1.Keep believing and trusting him NO Matter what circumstances i m facing on :)
The bible stated King David understood the need to seek God & to praise him name even through the difficult times.
King David wrote down Psalm 71 to response during the difficult hard times, he was going through time of ppl mocking him that God had abandoned him.
He chose to response God by praising & worship his name instead of doubting & blaming God!

I found that I still have so much room to GROW and LEARN! I would like to be like how David response when he was in trouble, hard times..........
 I want to respond like David did every time – with praise and confidence that God will rescue me. Just reading this passage gives me comfort and strength to make it through yet another trial in the future!
21 You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again.
 22 Then I will praise you with music on the harp, because you are faithful to your promises, O God. I will sing for you with a lyre, O Holy One of Israel.
 23 I will shout for joy and sing your praises, for you have redeemed me.
24 I will tell about your righteous deeds all day long, for everyone who tried to hurt me has been shamed and humiliated.

God says:" I'll not abandone you, nor forsaken you" He is the God who keeps to his promises & never break it!
We should not only believe it, but also proclaiming it. Sometimes, the power of proclaiming is so much powerful than just believing it in our heart.
We can spread the news to others when we say it out, proclaiming to others about the goodness of God in our life. others are able to hear about the gracefulness of Jesus Christ,
As Pastor Joseph Prince ever preaced in one of his sermon, when we START saying, WE START to believe it. It is important to lift Jesus name high & proclaim his wonderfulness every day!
Our mouth is a very powerful weapon to be used for the kingdom of God!

2. Seeking & thirsting for the WISDOM of God in my life.
I would like to really pray for God's wisdom in my life which I think I don't really ask for it for the past few years. The lack of wisdom of God had caused me to walk in the wrong way, not doing the Right thing, Right decision! 
King David's son~King Solomon asked for wisdom from God & it had made him to be known & recognised as the MOST EVER INTELLIGENT KING who is FULL OF WISDOM. 
The bible stated there is no other king in Israel who is Smarter than him!
I hope I can be like King Solomon, making the right decision with God's wisdom in me & continue to love & trust in him more and more everyday!

I believe 2011 is a year filled with God's favours, blessings & loves. It is gonna to be an amazing year in him!
I pray for God's strength and power in my life, grant me the wisdom & energy to overcome the more to come trials & tests.

I want to continue to burn & shine for him, continue to become the salt of the world :)) Become the WET WATER WALKER! AMEN!!!!!!



Princess JOYCE

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