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Thursday, January 6, 2011


How can we define happiness? Everyone define it in a different ways.......
someone thinks owning the 5 Cs or even 6 Cs is the biggest happiness for them,
someone thinks of being the Most Powerful & Capable Person in their work field as the best happiness...
Or Someone may thinks hvg a healthy mind & body as the biggest happiness.....

I think Happiness is actually very simple & easy to achieve! It depends on how we look at it!
Nowadays, people are never satisfy with their jobs, earning, achievement BECAUSE of the perfectionism & greediness in them!
Money had became the balancer in determining the level of happiness in a person life! HOW Sad & traumatic it is! 
The world will judge how rich you are by ur job income, how high pose are u in ur company, or even how ex is ur handphone? judging with the eyes of THE WORLD which i think is vry vry superficial!
What a sad thing to see and hear of ......
 it had even developed among Primary students & influenced their relationships with others.
I heard from one of my church friends testimony of the case of primary students comparing branded stationeries.
For example: the students who are using Pilot pens will only become friends with those who are using the same brand pen as them or even more EX branded pens......
From this simple case we could foresee the hidden danger of the world is going to face in the future among the future generation! 

In my point of view, Happiness is tangable! We can touch,  feel the happiness when satisfaction achieved!  The level of satisfaction is the gap line which separates btw happiness & suffering! 
If our bottom of  hearts are satisfied with what we have been blessed, we are happy!
But most ppl are greedy & I agree as I, myself is a greedy person as well!
I still remb last time when I just finished my form 5, I asked my parents to send me study overseas!
The reason i wanted to go overseas that time was to leave the family, I wanted to enjoy the "FREEDOM" of living apart from the control of parents...... one part also bcox of the rebellious behaviour in me that time! 
I always like to ask more from parents and didn't being thankful with what i am blessed with. 
BUT now, WHEN I really study overseas, I prefer to stay at home, i prefer to stay at kch!  WHICH i feel belong to here!
When I looked back, I found I had missed lots of precious moment with family and didn't treasure my time with them when I have the chance to do so!

The real happiness for me NOW is to spend time with family & everyone live together happily, stay healthy & peacefully. 
nOt a family where everyone is busy with each business and forsaken others!
Last time in Sunday school, the teachers always teach us to give thanks! and never be greedy towards money, BUT ALWAYS ASK , THIRST FOR MORE of the words of God!
Parents teach us since young that "money is not evil, but the love of the money is the evil roots".
I really thank God for such a dedicated parents that teach me these principle since young and save me from walking, doing thing, & directed, following the judgement of the World!

~~~~~ time to stop here i guess~~~~~


Princess JOYCE


  1. Dear Joyce,

    I am really blessed by your blog! I really like reading what you write and it inspires me in some ways or another!

    God Bless you my sister in Christ. Though we don't event know each other...but I thank God that I can know you through your blog! God be with you!

  2. hi Myin,
    thanks for saying that. I am glad that my blog did inspired you & it's God grace that leads me to write this post.
    God speaks to us despite the distance, as long as we have the heart to be in his presence, we can feel his love, words in our life.

    God bless you too Myin.
    & i am happy to have you as my sis in Christ!
    God bless you & take care :))